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In Which I Interview Myself About the Old Man’s War TV Series

Me: So, an Old Man’s War TV series? Me: Yes, looks like, cross fingers, knock on wood. That’s fantastic news. I agree. Wasn’t it supposed to be a movie? It was. What happened with that? Things change. People change. Hairstyles change. And eventually the option on the film ran out. So we got to sell […]

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Various and Sundry 8/5/14

Some things for you: * The LA Times takes a look at the recent Amazon kerfuffle and wishes to inform you about What Amazon’s e-book numbers are and aren’t telling you, and quotes my recent post here about it. The article basically pokes the same holes in Amazon’s logic that I did (and that others […]

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The Big Idea: Bishop O’Connell

Author Bishop O’Connell knows it’s easy to be “the hero” when you’re the Chosen One, full of magic and destiny. But what about when… you’re not? What does being a hero mean then? O’Connell thinks about it in his novel The Stolen, and today, in his Big Idea piece. BISHOP O’CONNELL: I’m a geek. When […]

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