Oh, Hey, Did I Mention That Old Man’s War is Becoming a TV Series?

Well, it is. The Hollywood Reporter has the news.

Don’t worry, I’ll have more on this in just bit.

Update: More.

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  1. A) Cool!

    B) I love entertainment reporting for bits like, “The NeverEnding Story’s Wolfgang Petersen.” I guess it’s his one pure fantasy film, but I’m not sure it’d be the first one I’d think of in this context for a guy who’s also directed Enemy Mine or Das Boot or Air Force One.

  2. Ok, that blew my mind. The link in your last post has a picture from the Neverending Story and this one mentions it like 20 times… are you a wizard?

  3. So glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read this – otherwise, total Spit Take of Awesome™ moment. Congrats, John!

  4. I did notice in this post:

    That past business relationships included:
    * Paramount Pictures, which held the film option on my novel Old Man’s War.

    and that comments weren’t activated.

    So I suppose this is the announcement when possible:
    “(there may be business relations I cannot yet disclose for contractual reasons; those will be announced when possible)”

  5. Really not sure what to think about that yet. Last time I got excited about a bookk turning into a TV-series was the Dresden Files. Guess that left me a bit paranoid…

  6. Sounds great. Hopefully SyFy will give it a good treatment and maintain production values! Congrats.

  7. Congratulations, John! It must be exciting. As you showed with The Human Division, it’s a great premise and universe for serial storytelling. I think it equals Stargate’s potential for longevity and spinoffs. So many places to go.



    I mean, uh, congratulations, Mr. Scalzi.

  9. Awesome. I didn’t think it would be served well on the big screen, and a Galactica-style series would really rock.

  10. Worried worried worried.
    Syfy has not been the best custodian of Science Fiction.
    They are known for being very tight on budgets (rightfully so in an era of increased competition), and for killing cult darlings (Farscape). Some of their more popular shows have been really dreadful on the science side of science fiction (Eureka, Warehouse 13).

    With several major shows optioning big-name writers’ works (Expanse, Magicians, OMW…) I just hope that rising tides will keep all those boats afloat.

    Meanwhile, worried worried worried.

  11. It’s a great month to be a Scalzi fan…Redshirts and OMW on television, Lock-in across formats (including 2-for-1 narrator version on audible), Midnight Star, and your upcoming tour. I’m lovin’ it!

  12. Loved loved loved this series, but due to PG-13/R rating throughout, will this be an HBO- type series? Because with an HBO budget, this series could be Amazing!

  13. Oh heck, I was too excited about the general fact to read the article until after posting my excitement… crossing fingers SyFy gives it the time and budget it deserves!!

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