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My Favorite SF/F Epidemic Literature

The fine folks at Goodreads asked me to offer up a list on my favorite SF/F books which feature epidemics (because, you know, Lock In features one), and I was happy to oblige. If you follow this link, you will find five books about epidemics that I enjoy and recommend. Happy reading, and don’t get […]

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OMW TV Series Announcement Followup

Because there are a few things out there that people have asked me and are worth answering. What follows are paraphrased questions and my responses: 1. So when will the show be on? Dunno. We (and by we I mean Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig) still have to write the pilot script. Then we (and […]

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The Big Idea: Alisa Krasnostein

  Anthology editors usually come into their projects with a firm idea of what the anthology should be — that’s how they sell the project to a publisher (or on a Kickstarter). But as Alisa Krasnostein learned as she co-edited the Kaleidoscope anthology with Julia Rios, just because you know what you want your anthology […]

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