As a Reminder, My Loncon 3 and GenCon Schedules

Here they are!

(crickets chirping)

Which is to say I am at neither. I was thinking of dropping in at GenCon on Friday but it doesn’t look like my schedule is going to allow that. I’m at home writing instead. Because, occasionally, as a writer, I have to do that. And I want to get some work done before the Great Big Tour for Lock In, which will be four weeks long. Also, you know: Family. Nice to spend time with them. And so on.

I hope everyone in London and Indianapolis has a good time without me, however.

7 Comments on “As a Reminder, My Loncon 3 and GenCon Schedules”

  1. You are the master of your own ship, but we’d love to have you at Dragon Con one of these years! You have to get the Sanderson stink out of our hallways. ;)

  2. That’s too bad, I was hoping to do another run-by complementing of you and Howard Taylor at Gen Con. :)

  3. Ha, I tell myself I’ll write so much while I’m there because I’ll be so excited -and then it’s over before I know it. Good luck on the writing bits, and you’ll be missed.

  4. You may want to pack a cardboard box that you can use to clone or duplicate yourself (as Calvin did) because it looks like at LonCon you may want to be ten places at once most of the time.

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