Today’s Clouds

They’re very dramatic.

A larger version, if you’re so inclined, here.

10 Comments on “Today’s Clouds”

  1. Athena tweeted a picture of different dramatic clouds today. I noted that photographing clouds seems to run in the family.

  2. aztraph – Indiana – I fix, hack, build, bake, write, play, math. If i can't fix it, it pretty much can't be fixed. There are two mathematical impossibilities in the physical universe, zero and infinity. debates welcome.

    You have beautiful sunsets here.

  3. newyorkmanhattanlover – Hey guys, I am a new york lover and I want new york to be my future home. I will share photos and the stories behind them. My life motto: If you don't like where you are, move. You aren't a tree. Follow me on instagram: newyorkmanhattanlover E-mail:

    Great view

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