Award Winning DJ John Scalzi

Waiting for me when I came home today from signing a ton of pre-ordered books: Two Detcon 1 mugs inscribed with my name and “Special Prize.” I won a prize for my DJing the 80s party at Detcon, you see. So now I can legitimately call myself an award-winning DJ. It’s useful to have that to fall back on if this writing thing ever goes belly up.

But this is nice. And it was a nice day, actually — a lot of driving, since I went up to the Subterranean Press offices in Michigan to sign all those books you saw in the previous entry (and more besides, because there were still some in boxes), but it was nice to see my friends at Subpress, and let’s be honest, signing books is not generally an onerous task. Still it’s nice to be home, and I suspect I might get to sleep slightly earlier than usual. I earned an early bedtime, I think.

5 Comments on “Award Winning DJ John Scalzi”

  1. After seeing your playlist, I’d hire you if I had a party! It’s a good fallback plan… After all, college is approaching…

  2. Those mugs look excellent. I can see them now, filled to the brim with pale ale–or a fine stout even. Yeah, I know, John, but one can still imagine.

    Yesterday was a good day here in Seattle too. Used Uber for the first time. After an initial period of panic it ended up being a great way to get around town. It got my niece and her friend and I to the baseball game where we joined my wife to watch the Mariners put down the Blue Jays. And it rained, which was a pleasant affair as well.

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