What I’m Doing With My Day

I’m signing all these books. Because they were pre-ordered by nice folks. Thank you, nice people. But yeah, this is gonna take me all day.

19 Comments on “What I’m Doing With My Day”

  1. Good luck John!
    I am looking forward to my pre-ordered Nook copy.
    I am also working on getting my wife into Old Man’s War. She loves dry, sarcastic characters so I have hope that it will work!
    I have spent my day doing admin work…

  2. I’ve never understood why people want other people’s signatures.

    I’ll stick with just buying the unsigned copies, thanks and let you spend your time writing or doing whatever you wish.

  3. You could have a couple of helpers open the books for you so all you do is write. I mean they don’t give Hugos for book opening.

  4. For a moment those looked like stacks of scantrons, and I thought “Does he teach college in his spare time or something?” But then I realized they were books.

  5. Subterranean Press informed me today that mine is already on the way. It should be here before the formal release day. Thank you!

  6. My first impression was punch cards! And no that’s not showing my age, they’re actually before my time.

  7. These may sound like silly questions, but they are (partially) serious:
    Do you somehow sign the Nook ones as well? Do they put a digital copy of your signature on the PDF or whatever and place it on the first page? Would it be worth anything?

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