It’s Official

Athena is ever-so-slightly taller than her mother now. It’s a pretty big (or at least tall) moment here at the Scalzi Compound.

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  1. I hear ya. When Emily got that edge over her mother, she took full advantage, to include short jokes. Even if said difference was less than a cm…

  2. My brother, at 6’5″ (a height he reached while still in adolescence, he’s 36 now), is the tallest person in our immediate family. My mother thinks it’s great, he can change lightbulbs in ceiling fixtures without needing a stepladder. She’s found that very useful over the years. I’m 5’4″, and almost six years older than my brother. I’m constantly mistaken for the “younger” sister, solely because of the height difference.


  3. O just crossed that threshold with his mom, and is milking it for every short joke he can think of. He’s also gunning to surpass me, with an 11YO’s belief there’s a way he can make that happen.

  4. My daughter is long since taller than her mother. She might even be taller than her father.

    The big question for Athena is -can she out lift her mother and her father combined?

  5. Well, Mr. Scalzi, at least you are still the tallest best-selling author in the family. For now.

  6. My mom, 5′ 4.5″, is a quarter-inch taller than I am and considers that very important. My sister is taller than she is, though, by about the same amount. Maybe it matters to Mom because her own mom was about 5 ‘3″.

    My paternal grandmother is 5’1″ and has mentioned getting on a chair to scold her kids, though I don’t know if she actually did that or just wanted to.

  7. JJ: are you sure? I got the impression that John’s wife was already taller than him. I could be wrong…

  8. My younger son just passed me for height within the last 8 weeks (my older son beat him to it by about a year), so I’m now officially the shortest person in the house. Since both boys are still growing, this is only going to get more evident with time.

  9. My daughter’ll be 16 in January, and every time I see her she’s always balancing on the balls of her feet just a smidge, trying to get that last half-inch or so she needs to pass her mum by. She was one of the tallest kids – boy or girl – in her grade until the tail end of middle school, which puts her about par for the course of not growing a damn bit more. Enjoy 5′ 3.5″ kiddo!

  10. We passed this milestone some time ago. My wife keeps blaming me, but I keep reminding her that not only was it her choice to marry a tall guy, she even did the asking.

  11. My older daughter just passed this milestone in July. I am still taller than the seven-year-old.

  12. My brother and I are both shorter than both our parents. It’s all the coffee and cigarettes they fed us as kids :)

    Seriously, I don’t know why it happened that way. Neither of us is short (both around 5’9″), but our parents were/are just taller. Strange family.

  13. The youngest is has been taller than his Mom for a few months. I would be surprised if he got out of the sixth grade still shorter than me; we are raising a Giant.

  14. Yup. My mother passed her mother age 10 or so. Grandma was really short. So’s my sister. We were in a restaurant that she had been in earlier in the week. The waitress asked who these other two people were. Mom was clearly Mom, and she looks at me for a while, until I say “She’s my big sister”. I’m about 5’9, 350 lbs, she’s about 4’10, 90 lbs.

  15. Robin

    My daughter is around half an inch taller than I am, and she considers it very, very important.

    My mother was five inches taller than I am, and I therefore grew up assuming that I too would be as tall and elegant as she was. Admittedly, a late growth spurt at the age of 63 is improbable but I haven’t given up hope!

  16. Though now, having seen the Twitter Pics, I’m immensely grateful that I was spared the rite of passing which involved snake handling.

    I have absolutely no problems with snakes, provided they come in the form of handbags, belts, and shoes etc., but I draw the line at live ones.

    Fortunately Athena hasn’t got to the point where she realises that the only good snake is a dead snake, but there’s plenty of time for her to develop her shopping instincts…

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