The Last Day of Summer Vacation

A pretty clear signal from nature that summer is wrapping up, just in time for Athena to start school tomorrow. The forecast for next week: Rain, every day through to Saturday.

Yup. Summer’s done.

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  1. From what Athena’s been tweeting, the rain matches her mood at the thought of returning to school.

  2. Why is it no one ever says winter is done on February 16th? Instead we say we still have a month (or more) of winter yet to come. Well, we still have a month of summer yet! Summer isn’t over until mid-September! Why are we so quick to rush out summer but linger on winter?

  3. It’s been feeling like autumn here in the London (UK) area since we got the remains of Hurricane Bertha last Sunday.All last week was cool and showery. So it isn’t just your area.
    I think the state schools start Sep 2 here.

  4. Wow. Yeah, summer doesn’t end for another month up here (Cascadia as a whole really, but more specifically Seattle). UW won’t start session until the end of September, and even the local high school won’t start for a little over two weeks. Autumn session in mid-August just feels very strange.

  5. Summer ends in December down here… (Gulf of Mexico coast). The locals might think it ends earlier, but I grew up in Indiana and that’s my frame of reference for the seasons.

  6. I am traveling through Needles, CA, on the butt end of the Mojave, Summer is never over here. It was 99F when I checked into my hotel last night.

  7. BOO-HOO! Yep, I start my week of useless meetings tomorrow, the the following Monday the kids come back (Hooray!)

  8. Lovely photo!

    While not quite end-of-summer in California yet, I definitely feel a change in season slowly beginning. The days are becoming shorter, the nights a little longer. Mornings are a hair cooler. My birthday is next week … and that’s always the biggest sign: in my youth, school always started a week after my birthday.

    Onwards, ever onwards!

  9. Summer/autumn seems to have a north-south divide in the UK, somewhere around Birmingham. I was in London this morning – late summer – and home near Manchester this evening – definitely autumn: raining hard and blowing half a gale …

  10. song now stuck in head…”Summer Song” by Chad and Jeremy…Some of you are too young to know this…”Wish you didn’t have to go, oh no no no”

  11. We don’t start at Akron U or Kent State until 8/25, so I get a week after the end of the second summer session at Akron to pull myself together and catch up on the laundry, oh happy week…

  12. Aww, fuck. I’m not ready for summer to be over. Up here in Boston we went straight from spring to fall. (And, like winter and Redcoats, the undergrads are coming.)

    Even NorCal is too cold. Right now Needles (@ricknm505) sounds amazing.

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