First Day of School, August 18, 2014

Onward into the 10th grade.

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  1. I need one of those shirts. I had no idea they existed, and now I want one. Oh, and good luck to Athena, as well. I have horrible memories of 9th grade, but 10th was fun…..

  2. Good luck to her! (Is that a Hetalia shirt she is wearing? My daughter, who starts 11th grade in a few weeks is a fan)

  3. 3 more years until you are an empty nester. That can mean a couple of things. FREEDOM. You already have plans to turn her bedroom into a hobby/gaming lounge. You and your wife are already shopping for new furniture or… midlife crisis time of ‘oh christ I’m old enough to have a kid in college’. Then you go out and get a sports car to try to make yourself feel young.

  4. Guess:

    We have an entire basement for a hobby/gaming lounge if I want it. And I already have the Mini. I think I’ll weather this upcoming change just fine.

  5. Still amazed at those transformations from girl to young woman. Was talking to friends who have a daughter in the same grade, it was nice to hear mom and daughter read the same stuff, too.

  6. @aj sheperd: school is managed locally. Different locations start at different time. Northeast generally starts early september (right after labor day). midwest starts earlier. More in line with college start times.

  7. I yesterday viewed old pictures of Athena when I looked up the Schadenfreude-Pie for obvious reasons. She has grown up mightily. *Keanu Reeves* Whoa *Keanu Reeves*. She’ll be 16 this year, won’t she?

  8. Make Pasta Not? Is this recovered from the third tablet that Moses dropped? I must stop making pasta. Are potatoes still allowed?

  9. 10th grade :)

    She’s old enough to drive that Mini, with 6-10 of her closest friends packed in, for late night/early morning/all weekend road trips.

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