Get a Sneak Preview of the Lock In Audiobook by Amber Benson and Wil Wheaton

Where? At! The audio clips are taken from the first chapter — Amber’s first, then Wil’s (they’re reading sequential bits, not the same bit).

I’ve listened to them. I am sooooo happy with these audio versions, I can’t even tell you. Except, uh, I just did, I guess. Anyway.

Also, remember that for the next four days (through the 22nd) if you pre-order one version of the audio, either by Wil or Amber, you can get the other one as well. Details are here.

6 Comments on “Get a Sneak Preview of the Lock In Audiobook by Amber Benson and Wil Wheaton”

  1. getting the audio off of audible. This is interesting. I have seen books where they have different actors play different parts in audio books such as Wheel of Time, Time Travelers Wife, and World War Z. I don’t think I have seen one where you have the audio done twice.

    rather interesting… Looking forward to this one. It gives me an excuse to take a longer ride on weekends. If its really good, Ill be sore on monday.

  2. There’s just so many potential listening options to look forward to! Besides the coolness of said narrators, the combination of them for this particular piece of the book is equally neato; I’ve already decided on alternating between them for my first listen.

  3. I also got my hardcover from Subterranean Press this weekend. I’m looking forward to starting it, and may in fact set another book aside for a few days while I do read it. I may wind up making it to the Ohio stop on the book tour, but in case I don’t, I still have a signed copy, which makes me happy.