Midnight Star Article On GamesIndustry.Biz

In which the game and the graphic novel are discussed. Both are coming. Soon.

Also, I just wanted to show off that particular piece of art above, because it has a clever dialogue ballon by me. Me!

13 Comments on “Midnight Star Article On GamesIndustry.Biz”

  1. I want to know about the ways he is not authorized to kill me. Might be more informative than the list he was given.

  2. Greg: I don’t see why not. I have absolutely no problem counting to 31 on one hand. But I really don’t understand why I get peculiar looks from everybody when I get to 4…

  3. @Stuart: LOL, I didn’t twig until I tried counting like that myself.

    USSF Joplin?

    Janice, Scott or Missouri?

  4. It occured to me that if you had gone with eight then it would be a nice little Haldeman reference.

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