“Lock In” by William Beckett: The Theme Song to the Novel

It’s been my thing over the last few novel releases to commission a song from musicians I admire to accompany the book release. For Lock In, I asked William Beckett if he’d be willing to do the honors, and I was absolutely delighted when he said yes — I’ve been a huge fan of William’s, both for his recent solo work and as the front man for the band The Academy Is.

I was even more delighted when William sent me the first rough mix of the song. I had sent him an ARCs of Lock In and its prequel novella “Unlocked,” so he could immerse himself in the world where a disease called “Haden’s Syndrome” had locked millions of people into their own bodies — alive and awake but immobile — and to discover how we and our culture had changed because of it.

William ran with the idea and turned in a song that could very easily be an anthem from and for those who have Haden’s — a shout out of the darkness, as it were, demanding to be heard. It’s a tremendous song on its own merits, but as a calling card for the novel, it’s simply perfect. I am fantasically honored William created this song for me, and equally honored to share it with you now. I hope you like it and share it around to everyone you know.

And now, for those who are coming into this entry with no prior knowledge or context: Links!

* The song “Lock In” is the theme song to the novel Lock In, by John Scalzi, which will be released on August 26, 2014. You can read the first five chapters of the novel as well as “Unlocked,” a prequel novella to the novel, over at Tor.com. You can also preorder the novel at your favorite local bookstore or online retailer (please do!). IT will also be available in audio through Audible.com. You can also see John Scalzi on his upcoming book tour.

* “Lock In,” the song, is also soon to be available to purchase on all your favorite online retailers. If you like the song, please buy it! William Beckett is a recording artist at Equal Vision Records. His most recent album, which I enthusiastically recommend, is Genuine and Counterfeit. William is currently out on tour, so go see him.

20 Comments on ““Lock In” by William Beckett: The Theme Song to the Novel”

  1. I’m only a couple of chapters in, and the song already has a clear resonance to the book. And it’s a really nice song all on its own. Well done, Mr. Beckett! I’ll have to look into more of his work as well.

  2. Brilliant. I haven’t been able to find the song to buy it, though. I even went to William’s music publisher, and couldn’t find it there. This is an awesome piece. I’ll keep my eyes out for it when it does show up – -hopefully on my iTunes so I can add it to a few choice playlists and carry it along.

  3. Another excellent song. Looking forward to the complete album (or at least volume 1) a decade or so from now.

  4. Did we get one for The Human Division?

    Man… still thinking about that “season finale” gives me all kinds of chills and wonderful mental image memories.

  5. John:
    Ah well. The episodic nature would have lent itself very well to having a theme song. Then again I think my wife and I might have projected some lament at the lack of space-based science fiction shows out right now. But it sounds like you might be helping to fix that soon too!

    This theme was great! Exciting news all around. We are eagerly awaiting Lock in; next week can’t come soon enough!

  6. So cool for you to commission music for your books for so many reasons. You support the musicians, you provide readers with another tool for getting more out of your books, you provide insight into who you are as well. Thank you!

  7. Nice guitar riff and I love how well he worked in a lock and “searching for the key” theme. Elegiac but optimistic too, it makes me want to read the book even more.

  8. Nicely done. I can’t wait to read the book.

    Side note, and this is not a cheap, attention grabbing, shameless plug (well, maybe a little bit), but I have a friend who creates music that sounds very similar to that of Mr. Beckett. His name is Aaron ZImmer and you should check him out. (www.aaronzimmer.com) Seriously, no joke, Aaron’s music does sound a little similar.

  9. Keep this up and I think you’ll invent a whole new medium, The Book Trailer. A combination of audio (reading snips, theme song), pics, video snips (from interviews, reviews, or a even a puppet show), links to preview chapters, backgrounders, tweets, and other sources such as blog comments. All wrapped up in slick software wrapper that can be put on CD biz cards, web sites, mobile platforms, etc. Next thing you know the Hugo folks will have to create a new category… “Best Book Trailer”.

  10. My copy of Lock In arrived today, a full week before official release! YAY! Thank you Sub Press!

  11. Great song, and super excited for the book. I’m a huge fan of Beckett’s work. For anyone looking for more, you really can’t go wrong with the solo record John mentioned. A fan favorite from his earlier band is Almost Here, which is a fantastic album.

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