Two Things I Would Like to Tell You About Today, Relating to Me

Here they are!

1. Next Tuesday, which is the release date of Lock In and also the start of my book tour (I’ll be in Houston that night), I’ll also be doing a Twitter chat with the folks at Apple’s iBook store. You’ll be able to ask questions (indeed, we’ll even be taking some questions in advance) about the book, the tour, life, the universe and everything. I’ll be offering up more details soon, but for now: 4pm Eastern, August 26, you should be near a Twitter client.

2. Over at I am doing a two-part Quiz at the End of the Universe, and the first part is up now. There you will discover what I would take to a desert island, if I have a favorite unknown writer, what historical moment I would go back in time to change, and so on. Also, they spotlight William Beckett’s awesome new song for Lock In, so you’ll have that going for you as well.

11 Comments on “Two Things I Would Like to Tell You About Today, Relating to Me”

  1. Roflmao…which is kind of stupid considering I’m at a campsite in France and rolling around on the floor gets me all muddy

  2. I guess that’s more practical than my five desert island items. (Food, water, sunscreen, a boat, and a compass.)

  3. How long did it take you to come up with the John Cage answer? Or had you already worked that one out some time in the past? Either way you get points for cleverness though you lose a little for being cutesy at the same time. :)

  4. I am looking at 15 copies of Lock In right now, here in the Acquisitions Department of the library I work at. We got it in time to have it processed and in our branches on Tuesday. I am resisting the urge to pick it up, since my bosses actually expect us to do work while at work. I can’t bring it home either, until it has gone out to the branches, we are not allowed to cheat. No, I will be a good boy and patiently wait for my preorder to download to my Nook on Tuesday morning. My vacation starts on Friday, so I only have to resist the temptation today and tomorrow.

  5. Just got my copy of Lock In from Subterranean Press……how awesome to see John’s sig on the front page!

  6. You, sir, answer questions like my 5 year old daughter. Technically correct, but not really the answer I was looking for.

    I loved it!

  7. As an engineer, I have to sign a lot of building drawings and certifications. It’s not unusual to hand-sign my name 300+ times in one day. You, obviously, are doing / have done a lot of book signing recently.
    Have you, like me, developed three different signatures? #1 Is how I sign checks with a first letter and scribbly line for the rest of the word. #2 Is how I sign 300 pages in a row with completely unintelligible hasty squiggles. #3 Is how I sign birthday cards and notes slowly and clearly when the receiver has to be able to actually read who it’s from and my name is not printed next to the signature.
    Also, do you have any preference for a pen that writes a fat line or thin line.?