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Posting For Posterity

A mini rant on politics and assholes that I just put up on Twitter: A quick multi tweet bit is coming. You have ten seconds or so to prepare. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) August 20, 2014 Those who've seen me punt assholes here who happen to be conservative may be shocked to know there are […]

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My Social Media Center of Gravity

I’ve discovering, particularly in this last year, that the center of gravity of my online presence has shifted away from Whatever entirely and has moved more than a bit toward Twitter. The graph above offers some evidence of that — in the last 28 days, the things I’ve said or retweeted on Twitter have gotten eight […]

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The Big Idea: Mary Weber

Authors go into their books with what they intend to put on the page. But there are also the things that they put in there that take them by surprise — and sometimes those things add a new level to the work. Mary Weber talks about one of these things in Storm Siren — and […]

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