Two Truths and a Lie With John Scalzi

First, yes, that’s supposed to be me with an old-timey mustache. That’s one hipster moment I’ll never have to have now!

Second, over at Google Play, I’m playing Two Truths and a Lie, in which I, on video, tell two stories that are true and one that is a lie, and you have to decide which is which. And while you’re there you might note all of my ebook backlist is 50% off at the moment. So, you know. Pig out.

(Also if you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page you’ll discover the answer, as to which one is the lie. It might surprise you! Or if you’ve been an obsessive reader of this site since the early days, possibly not.)

14 Comments on “Two Truths and a Lie With John Scalzi”

  1. I win!

    And I think I tweeted this, but I have no idea how Twitter works so I don’t know if you would see it, but my signed copy of Lock In showed up on my birthday yesterday. I’m sure you made special arrangements for that to happen, so Thanks!

  2. The link returns a page not found.

    So I think, the two truths are: the picture is you and it is a moment you will never have, and the lie is the link.

  3. @Dave Higgins, do you live outside the USA? I do, and I’m also getting a “page not found” error; when I go to the main “”, I get a page very obviously customised for my country. (New Zealand, if anyone’s curious!)

    Whilst I can appreciate there can be legitimate business reasons (i.e. “Lawyers!”) for restricting selling “stuff” online, it does get very frustrating when a large portion of the internet is geo-locked off… The first two w’s do stand for “World-Wide” after all…

    John; any possibility of getting that video posted to a non-geo-blocked site at some stage in the future?

  4. I have an idea of which is the lie, but cannot get the “link” to the reveal to work on mobile. Nor can I locate the video via search. Bah humbug.

  5. I too get the ‘page not found’ error; I’m in England.

    This is an interesting sidelight on JS’s recent comments on the social media; Google Play may be great fun if you are playing in the US, but it’s not working on a global level…

  6. Commenting from The Philippines here, link does not work. Saw the vid on YouTube, but the link for the answer as amray says does not work.

    Though I am fairly certain which is the lie.

  7. You seem like such a different person on this video than in writing and on other videos where you’re on stage. Much more, shall we say, human?

    (I got it wrong – i figured AOL employee in the old days, sure why not give the upstart search engine dude advice)

  8. The link within the video doesn’t work, but the one at the bottom of the book list does. And I guessed right! ::preens::

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