The August 26 SF/F Line Up

In case you’re wondering what other science fiction and fantasy books are coming out on the same day as Lock In, here’s a fair (but by no means complete) sampling of the day’s releases:

Again, this is not a complete listing — there’s also a bunch of paranormal romance and urban fantasy that shares the same book birthday, plus lots of smaller press and self published SF/F that will arrive in the world next week.

The point is: For every one of these authors, next Tuesday is a nerve-wracking day, not only because their book is out in the world, but because they know so many others are fresh out in the world, too, waiting for readers (and buyers). It’s a miracle we’re not all puddles of neurotic goo.

Now, certainly I want you to buy Lock In starting next Tuesday, if you’ve not already pre-ordered it. I want it to be successful, hit the best-seller lists, get optioned in Hollywood, and become a non-stop marketing monster to the point where there are such things as Lock In chewable vitamins. I mean, I’m not gonna lie about that. But I also hope that next Tuesday your book buying menu also includes another book or two, not neglecting the examples above. The best possible way to support the authors you like is to buy their books. It’s pretty simple, actually. And this August 26, at least, you have some pretty great choices for your bookreading dollar. Happy reading.

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  1. “…where there are such things as Lock In chewable vitamins”

    Shame on you, sir, SHAME, I say. There must be limits, even for you.

  2. A very fair-minded post :). Also, a good idea. I’ll look at Hurley’s book, for sure.

  3. What strikes me is the beautiful art on these book covers. I may buy one of the books based on its cover. And read it AFTER reading and listening to Lock In. Because of course I preordered *both* the ebook and the audiobook. The auditory experience adds a wonderful layer to the visual reading of the book. T minus 4 days and counting…

  4. I sooo can’t wait for Mirror Empire and Havoc, those have been on pre-order for months now.
    Since this year my goal is to only read SciFi/Fantasy written by women, your book has to wait until at least Januar 1st 2015, but yours will be one of the first if not the first book I’ll read. ;)

  5. “The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter” – fantastic title, IMO. Just that and nothing more makes me want to find out more about it.

  6. While I was well aware Lock In was coming out next week, I’d completely forgotten about Echopraxia! So thanks, for reminding me I’ve got at least 2 new books to pick up Tuesday.

  7. Well, according to Amazon UK John’s book won’t be available here: they deny all knowledge of a Kindle edition of Lock In, and have this to say about the hardback:

    ‘Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.’

    Anyone might be forgiven for thinking that Amazon doesn’t like John Scalzi…

  8. Echopraxia!!! Yeah! Can’t wait to gobble that one up along with Lock In. Also, I especially like the cover for Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter. Glad to see folks commenting about the cover art.

  9. Excellent! I pre-ordered Lock In a while ago. This post reminded me to pre-order Echopraxia too. A good morning. Thanks.

  10. Yeah, Tuesday is going to be a bit harsh on the wallet. I’ve already marked the Hurley, Weeks, and Watts for purchase, I’m now interested in the Circle of Stones book (having had a previous good experience with a book with a raven’s silhouette on the cover (Susana Clark, anyone?)), I’ve also got a note on my calendar that a new Sandman Slim by Kadrey is out that day, too, AND I’m going to be at Brazos Bookstore for Lock In’s release. (You’ve been warned, John :) )

    Now, WHEN exactly I’m going to actually get to all of these is an open question. I’m still working on some July purchases!

  11. Deciding where to spend my limited cache of expendable income is always harder when you post new releases and Big Ideas, Books or jewelry supplies? the scale is tipping waaayyy over into the book bucket with this list.

  12. Thank you, John. I now know how to extract it from Amazon’s claws but someone searching Amazon UK for Lock In paperback will be told that it won’t be on sale until July 2015:

    And if people go to the only other format Amazon UK says exists, hardcover, they will get the message I already quoted but also be urged to let the publisher know that they’d like a Kindle edition.

    Looking on the bright side, at least Amazon’s incompetence is a check on its world domination business plan…

  13. This is all very exciting, and I have Lock In on order, but at this moment, I am mostly thrilled about learning there is an *actual* Mr. Lovegrove.

  14. The very best thing about Lock In’s publication date is it is also the first day of Kate Bush’s residency at the Hammersmith Apollo. So rubbing shoulders with greatness and all that. *wink*

  15. Disposable time is hard to come by. Wish i had more of it. Darn sleep gets in the way every time.

    As an aside (mallet if to far off-topic) … why do they release books on Tuesday? Why not Thursday, Friday, or even Monday?

  16. Ozzie Isaac

    Well, over here in decadent England we have things called Bank Holidays, and most of those fall on a Monday so I can certainly understand why publishers here would avoid that day.

    I haven’t a clue about the other weekdays…

  17. This August/September has been particularly fruitful for new SFF/F releases: Magician’s Land, Lock-In, Echopraxia, Fool’s Assassin, Tigerman, Acceptance, Bone Clocks, Colorless Tsukuru Tasaki, Ancillary Sword, etc etc etc

  18. A copy of Lock In came to me in the mail days ago. So if the book doesn’t come out until next Tuesday, where did this book come from? Oooh, spooky!

  19. M.A.

    Not so much with the spooky, please; you’ll be really embarrassed if your fellow readers discover your phenomenal psychic powers before you do.


    Here in England your ‘Lock In’ is out on the 28th August, along with Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel, ‘Personal’. That’s an interesting juxtaposition for me because I’m going to have to decide which compulsive page turner I start reading first, but also for you because I can imagine more than a few Reacher readers really enjoying ‘Lock In’.

    Oddly enough, when I’m excited about a book I do like to have the physical object in my hands; ebooks seem far less immediate to me…

  20. So much good stuff coming out this month and next. I ordered Lock In a couple of days ago and it has already shipped! I’ve also preordered Mirror Empire – looking forward to both.

    Though I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get to them, given all the other new books I bought at Loncon…

  21. FYI, Lock In is not a Strict on Sale title, so bookstores can start selling it earlier than Tuesday if it arrives before then.
    Possibly somewhat related, if you happen to be near the Barnes & Noble in Burlington, MA, maybe tonight would be a good time to visit.

  22. new Peter Watts! Also, that Havoc looks interesting, mostly because I like action-packed dystopian space-opera, which is what that looks like it is.

  23. Jack Heckel’s “Once Upon A Rhyme” is available for $1.99 for Kindle! Got it! Looks fun! Happy to support a new-to-me author!

  24. Reblogged this on Harry Heckel and commented:
    A great writer who I admire, John Scalzi, just mentioned Once Upon a Rhyme on his blog since it’s coming out the same day as Lock In, his next novel. AWESOME!

  25. Thank you very much for the mention! I hope everyone picks up Lock in! Best of luck to everyone and thank you to all the readers. It’s going to be a great end to the month.

  26. Reblogged this on Jack Heckel and commented:
    John Scalzi mentioned Once Upon a Rhyme on his blog! His book, Lock In, comes out on the same day. Coincidence? Who knows, but I’ll take it! I encourage everyone to check out some of these cool titles!

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