Some Lock In Reviews for Your Weekend Pleasure

As we go into release week for Lock In, a quick look at some reviews of the book from the last several days, all positive (hooray!):

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“[T]here must be magic (defined here as a combination of skill, vision and intuition) behind Scalzi’s talent for turning out one compulsively readable book after another. Reading his novels is like watching the finest episodes of your favorite sci-fi series, with provocative ideas, high-stakes conflicts, gripping action scenes and a leavening touch of humor.”

Austin American-Statesman (registration required): 

Lock In actually works best as a smart novel about the future of disability, about the moment when those whose physical bodies have failed them have the chance to become human-plus and the jealousy and resentment that could engender in everyone else.”

Washington Post:

“Witty banter between Shane and partner keep the novel from becoming too philosophical while exploring what it means to live a virtual existence.”

20Something Reads:

Lock In is a fast and thrilling read, with plenty of character development to support a satisfyingly twisty plot.”

So far so good.

7 Comments on “Some Lock In Reviews for Your Weekend Pleasure”

  1. Good to see the WaPo made note of your rapier wit. I’ve re-read “After the Coup” twice just to enjoy the Harry Wilson’s barbs.

  2. I am only on about page 100 at the moment, but I will agree with those reviews. Excellent!

  3. It is good that the pre-orders just sync in so we don’t wear out hardware by pressing on a refresh button with white, calloused thumbs.

  4. Lock IN was on the shelf in a Barnes and Noble in Fair Oaks, VA on Saturday night. It was in the SF new release section. I have seen B&N put out some books early before. My guess is with the supply of books that come in they get mixed up.

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