Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

The Tour Baggage This Time

The Lock In tour lasts for four weeks, but the good news is that Tor arranged the tour so that I come home about once a week for a day or two. Aside from being an awesome thing that will let me save my sanity by allowing me to see my family, and thus not […]

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Comments Are Now Officially (Mostly) Closed Through September 21

As promised. If you missed why, here’s why, and for what entries comments will still be open for.

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New Books and ARCs, 8/25/14

Just catching up before I head off on the book tour: Here are latest books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here can you not live without having in your own library? Share in the comments!

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The Doubleclicks Cover “Friday I’m In Love” Because I Asked Them To

And it is adorable. Also, they let you know about their upcoming tour, which you should go see them on; the song shows up immediately thereafter. You may recall that I also essayed this song a few months back. The Doubleclicks version is somewhat more musically competent.

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On The Matter Of When to Buy Lock In and In What Format

Whenever a new book of mine comes close to a release date, I get emails and social media queries from folks asking me what format they should get the book in and when, in order to give me the most money/exposure/whatever. Which is very sweet. Okay, since you asked, here are some thoughts on the […]

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Pre-Tour Procedural Bits

A bit of housekeeping here for folks. First, as most of you know, tomorrow I will be starting a fairly long book tour, one that ends on September 20 (there are a couple of dates past that, but they don’t require me being out on the road on a more or less constant basis). Here’s […]

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