New Books and ARCs, 8/25/14

Just catching up before I head off on the book tour: Here are latest books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What here can you not live without having in your own library? Share in the comments!

25 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 8/25/14”

  1. Of course anything by Wen Spencer is a must-buy. So is Lois Bujold, but those are reprints and I already have them. Kim Harrison is always good.

    I’ll probably get the Jody Lynn Nye and David Drake books too.

    I have no idea who any of the other authors are or if they’re any good.

  2. Nothing there that I’d want and don’t already have [like the Bujold], but the Nye and MAYBE the Worlds of Honor collection; and I suspect those may be coming my way soon.

  3. I liked “Zombie Baseball Beatdown.” Much more upbeat than “The Windup Girl,” which I think I’ll reread soon.
    “Grudgebearer.” Just for the name.

  4. I’ve read and re-read my paperback copy of Memory so many times that it’s getting worn out.
    Time to replace it, I think.

  5. Picture me totally envious; you have Kim Harrison’s final book in her witch, vampire, and pixey series that has brought me great amusement and I have to wait until September! Like others, I already have all my Bujold books, physical and e- versions.

  6. Man, who designed the Drake spine? It’s almost unreadable! It reminds me a little of years ago when I was trying to find a copy of one of the Carr anthologies, and was staring right at it without being able to read it, because the title was in orange on green. Or green on orange; I can’t remember. In any case, my eyes kept sliding right off it.

    That being said, I’ve already bought a copy of it in ebook form, and expect to enjoy it.

  7. Bacigalupi and Kittredge, without question. I was not able to find my way into the Hager series for some reason. I tried twice.

  8. Want Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance.

    I could make my comment about the hideousness of Baen’s covers into a macro.

  9. Bujold! Interesting that it’s those two book in particular since Alliance is a sequel to some of the stuff in Memory. But there’s still a mess of books one ought to read between the two.

  10. I have the Bujolds and the Weber already, and all the stories in the Drake; the Spencer and Daniel-Drake are on order. The Nye I may pick up; I’ve usually liked her work. Harrison I tried once but she didn’t ring my chimes – decent enough writing but not a story that appealed to me. The others I’ve never heard of, and lord knows I don’t need to add more writers to the list of those I buy. (Just spent time in a straight-through reread of the Drake-Flint Belisarius sextet, which was marvelous.)

  11. Weber, Drake, Nye, Lewis, Kittredge, Spencer, Harrison (Sorry to see the series come to an end) & Drake – all on the to get list (not making any headway on that monstrosity… =sighs= )

  12. I don’t have either of the Bujolds and maybe the Harrison. (I really need to catch up on that series.)

  13. Just coincidentally re-read Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance (on my iPad Kindle App) and enjoyed it again – refreshing departure – there’s only so much you can do with Miles. Was traveling the past weeks and also re-read The Goblin Emperor and The Curse of Chalion.

  14. Ooh, gimme that new Wen Spencer! And at least you’ll have plenty to read on your flights between book tour stops…

  15. Amused by the number of Baen titles in that stack, given. Clearly they don’t hold a grudge.

  16. Josh Berkus:

    Baen is not responsible for the extracurricular activities of its authors, nor do I see any reason not to promote Baen authors just because I might have a philosophical disagreement with a single one of them. Heck, I don’t even hold it against him, when Baen sends me a copy of his book to spotlight. Baen and I like each other just fine.

  17. Felix Gutt: An “Advance Reading Copy”; traditionally a bound pre-final-proof galley sent out for publicity purposes. It’s a little more complicated nowadays, but if you think of it as a pre-release advertising copy of the book that’s sent to reviewers you won’t be far wrong.

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