View From the Hotel Window, 9/7/14: Los Angeles

I am in downtown LA! Which has apparently come back quite a bit these days. Good for it. I love LA.

Off soon to get In-N-Out before my event tonight (well, 5pm) at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. Hope to see you there.

I See This View a Lot These Days

The airport. There are individual variations depending on the airport, mind you. But the gist is the same. It’s interesting to think that this particular assemblage of these particular people will never happen again — that the airport is always different. Heraclitus would probably roll his eyes at me for the observation, but that dude’s dead.

Today’s event: Vroman’s, in Pasadena, CA, at 5pm. This event is the midpoint of my tour. After this, there are more tour events behind than ahead. It’ll be nice to be on the backslope. If you’re in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, please swing by and have some fun with us.

Tomorrow: San Diego and a 7pm event at Mysterious Galaxy. I was just there!