View From the Hotel Window, 9/10/14: Chicago, IL

Well, not Chicago precisely — somewhere near the airport since my event is in a northern suburb and I will need to be back at the airport relatively early to head toward Lexington. So: Airport hotel! Yay!

Tonight: I’ll be at the Warren-Newport Library in lovely Gurnee, IL, at 7pm, for an event sponsored by Lake Forest bookstore. If you’re reading this, don’t wait! Get on the highway now! There’s still time! And remember: Bring every single person that you have ever met. It’ll be a blast.

Tomorrow: I’ll be returning to Lexington, Kentucky, and to Jospeh-Beth Booksellers, for another event, again at 7pm. The Lexington Jo-Beth is one of my favorite places to do an event, so we should have a ton of fun. Please come by!

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