Two Tales In Translation

First, the Polish version of my short story “The Tale of the Wicked,” in Polish SF/F magazine Nowa Fantastyka. I’m always tickled when short fiction of mine gets translated into other languages.

Second, the cover of Redshirts in its Italian edition:

Kind of funky looking, I have to say, but I like how Peter Lutjen’s symbol for the Universal Union is getting around out there in the world. And of course I like the fact the book is out in Italian, seeing as I am nominally of Italian descent and all. I hope they like it over there.


And Now, For Reasons, A Personal Ranking of All U2 Albums (Plus One EP)

In order of personal preference:

1. Achtung Baby

2. The Joshua Tree

3. The Unforgettable Fire

4. Wide Awake in America (EP)

5. Zooropa

6. War

7. All That You Can’t Leave Behind

8. Pop

9. Boy

10. Rattle and Hum

11. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

12. October

13. Songs of Innocence

14. No Line on the Horizon

I should note that a) the difference between positions one and two is so small as to be almost invisible, b) the only album here I think of being genuinely bad is No Line, c) although I fully note that Rattle and Hum (where the “mediocre” level begins on this list) is the album where U2 was the most egregiously full of itself.

Provide your own thoughts and rankings in the comments.

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