Bestseller Cookies

Further proof that the folks at Tor are excellent people with whom I am happy to work: The arrival this morning of a box of “Lock In” cookies, offered up in celebration of the book hitting the bestseller lists. I like that they timed the cookie arrival for when they knew I was going to be home. I also like how they have my photo on some of the cookies. Now when someone bites my head off it won’t have to be an entirely sinister thing.

Vaguely related, not too long ago I noted with some amusement a perennial detractor of mine blathering ignorantly, as he nearly always does on any subject relating to me, about how it didn’t seem to him that Lock In was doing particularly well; this was almost immediately before the book hit the NYT Hardcover list and was Bookscan’s #1 top-selling front list science fiction novel. I considered sending him one of these cookies, so he could eat his words. But then I thought that giving a cookie to an asshole was a backwards way of doing things, at least from the point of view of the cookie. So, no cookies for him. He’ll just have to bask in the infinite pleasure of being wrong, so very wrong, yet again. He’s used to that, in any event.

But if I could, I would share these cookies with all the folks who have bought the book, or come out to see me on this tour. You have made this book a success (so far!) and my appreciation for you knows few bounds. Thank you again, folks. Life is good.

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