New Books and ARCs, 9/15/14

Unpacked some of the books and ARCs that arrived while I was on the second leg of the tour; here they are for your delight and perusal. Of particular interest, I think, are Ancillary Sword, the sequel to the multiple award-winning Ancillary Justice, and Last Plane to Heaven, the official final story collection of Jay Lake.

What do you find interesting in this collection of works? Share in the comments.

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  1. austinsims – ATX – IT professional, SFF author, and unrepentant nerd. Lover of brews and critical discourse. Novum validated by cognitive logic.

    That is a great haul. Leckie’s new one and Cato’s first!

  2. Going purely by the titles, Clockwork Dagger and Gutenberg’s Apprentice both look very interesting. Mostly Clockwork Dagger.

    Is judging a book by its title, better or worse than judging it by the cover?

  3. @Joseph Finn, \if you like short story collections, Last Plane to Heaven is a great place to start. If you’d prefer a novel, I’d say Green.
    The new Leckie, and the new Tepper. Yay.

  4. Ancillary Sword, Clockwork Dagger, Gutenberg’s Apprentice and oh wow, there’s a new Sheri S. Tepper book out. Interesting.

    Clockwork Dagger and Gutenberg’s Apprentice mostly because they have interesting titles and were written by women. I’m not opposed to reading male authors or anything, but women tend to get lost in the shuffle, so I’m making a special effort to seek them out this year.

    (runs off to Amazon to see when Tepper’s book becomes available)

  5. I’m stoked about that Aric Davis book. Aric Davis is an author I just found that’s blown me away. All of his stuff is available on Kindle Unlimited too, if that’s at all enticing. Got that oen preordered.

  6. Bonnie McDaniel – United States – Writer, blogger, reader. I mainly write about things I read and watch, and occasionally rant about politics. I'm not afraid of arguing--I rather like it, but I also know when to cut my losses. (On the Internet, that point usually comes sooner rather than later.)

    (Tie) Ancillary Sword and Last Plane to Heaven. Although I imagine the latter will be pretty tough to get through.

  7. Michael Senft – I am a freelance writer and critic from Phoenix Arizona. I spent 10 years covering music, the arts and pop culture for the “Arizona Republic” before life circumstances took me away from newspaper. But I never lost my joy at writing. Or reading.

    Clockwork Dagger was delightful. But I’m drooling over Ancillary Sword.

  8. The Sheri Tepper book was just mentioned on a Coode St podcast I just listened to and sounds very interesting. I’m building up a big read list of undiscovered feminist science fiction from Russ, Le Guin and Tepper…

  9. Oooo! New Sheri Tepper!! (in harmony, since there’s a chorus)

    “The Elements of Eloquence” also sounds lovely. I’m more than burned out on books that encourage people to write as few spare words as possible.

    @ Liz Scheier: after Grass, I’d like to especially recommend the following titles of Tepper’s as starters: The Fresco, After Long Silence, Raising the Stones, and Six Moon Dance. I personally love The Gate to Women’s Country, but it’s not to everyone’s taste, so YMMV.

  10. Ever so curious about Pennyroyal Academy, because the only context I have for ‘pennyroyal’ is
    ‘sharp mint, will over grow your garden in to time at all’
    ‘will abort the fetus and possibly kill the mother’

    Does this Academy overgrow your brain and possibly kill you?

  11. Here in the UK, Amazon says the new Tepper will be available in October 2015. That’s just not good enough! I may have to get the Kindle version, but even that isn’t out until December this year. Woe is me, etc.

  12. John

    I’m trying to buy some eBooks for our vacation trip later this week (to Key West, where I was stationed in the USN long ago). When looking for TOR, I find TOR Forge at OR,. which is just a blog about TOR books and authors. Tor Forge appears to only list 3 new TOR books, when I click on “more books” I get Macillan books which I’m not too interested in.

    So can you explain what’s going on here? I’m trying to buy e copies of new books so that I don’t get into the wilds of the FL Keys with books I’ve already read. Fate worse than death, OK not that bad, but still…

    JR (John Randolph) in WV

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