German Heritage Days in Fort Loramie: A Photo Set

Fort Loramie, a town just up the road from me, celebrates its German Heritage Days (on pretty much the same days as traditional Oktoberfest begins, incidentally) with a big tent, ruben bites (think a ruben sandwich, in nugget form), and of course, lots of beer. We went last night, and I took photos. If you’re interested, here’s the photo set. Click on any photo there for a bigger version of the photo.

9 Comments on “German Heritage Days in Fort Loramie: A Photo Set”

  1. That could so totally be New Ulm, MN! It looks a lot like the “Bavarian Blast” I went to there a few years ago.

  2. Giggling about the one of you and Krissy leaning in close together, and particularly the way Krissy is mugging for the camera. I’m guessing that your family is just as glad the tour is over as you are. Glad you all had a chance to go have fun together!

  3. Wonder if I’m related to that guy, my last name is on his shirt. It was nice meeting you in Boston, John.

  4. Historical pedantry: Vikings never wore helmets with horns. The helmet in the photo, however, is appropriate for a German festival because Roman depictions of German warriors show horned helmets and and an early production of Wagner’s Ring cycle used them. (As have many since.)

  5. The “Old Friends” photo is perfect. It reminds me of where I grew up. Small town Nebraska. Everybody shows up, has a good time, helps the ones that maybe drank few to many get home OK and smiles most all of the time. Nice.

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