Housekeeping Regarding Comments and Email

A quick post for a couple of technical matters.

One, as I have returned from the tour, full commenting has returned to Whatever: Comments are turned on by default, and all posts whose comment threads are not otherwise turned off are now open. I’ll have more thoughts a bit later on what I learned about having the comments off while I toured.

Two, I’ve turned off my email autoresponder, so if you’ve been holding off to send me email, go ahead and do it. Also, if you sent me e-mail anytime in the last month and wanted a response and didn’t get it (because I wasn’t responding to most email while on tour), go ahead and resend (Note: you don’t have to do this for Big Idea for October and November: I’ll be getting to those all by the end of the month).

10 Comments on “Housekeeping Regarding Comments and Email”

  1. Welcome back. I’ve bought some of your books, in e-book, while you were gone. Looking forward to revisiting the OMW-universe and getting to discover Lock In, but I’ve got other reading first and then I’ll be on to finding out what the deal is with the president’s brains.

  2. Report on the Larry Correia book for which I actually spent money:

    Not bad enough that it should never have been published, and I can see the appeal to a lot of readers. The idea that magic came into the world in relatively recent times has a lot of potential. But a Hugo winner it is NOT. In the first place, except for the letters, as a comic book it might actually have been improved. In the second place, to steal shamelessly from Pauline Kael in the French Connection, there is really nothing that I could enjoy thinking about in it during or after reading it. I did, however, think that it and the Charles Stross ideologically cancelled each other out.

    I hope that Scalzi had a good time on the book tour.

  3. 4jkb4ia:

    I think Larry Correia writes perfectly enjoyable fiction.

    That said, this is not the comment thread for a discussion on Mr. Correia or his fiction, please.

  4. Now that you’re home, would you like me to email the Peanut Butter Bacon cookie recipe, with permission to post it on Whatever?

  5. Done! In your inbox, from my private address (not the one with this posting ID) but the subject line should make it obvious.