This is the 9,000th Post on Whatever

That is all. Thank you for your attention.

23 Comments on “This is the 9,000th Post on Whatever”

  1. Mind you, the current iteration of Whatever does not feature roughly three and a half years of entries, so the actual number of entries, historically, is higher than 9,000.

    Also, this number features entries written by others, so the number of entries I’ve written, or at least posted to blog, is lower than 9,000.


  2. Serousily, dude we all hate it when someone just posts: “Hey first comment. LOL”so dont do it. its not worth is. gnat eating baboon.

  3. Congratulations on arbitrary milestones and continued musings on anything that comes to your mind or catches your attention!

  4. And lo, we reached a number to which the ancients could not count;
    or 911 times 9, adding 799 and two,
    And the apocalypse was predicted
    When the prose shall be torn asunder

    And the long form posts shall be no more,
    But the ephemeral sounds of birds
    Will be all that is left in the desolation.
    Weep, then, for cognition and coherence shall end.

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