For Those Who Missed Me On Tour: Video!

Wanted to see me on tour but missed me because I was inconveniently not in your city? Fortunately, there is video of me at various stops, and you can watch me do my thing. It’s just like being there, except with no personalized book from me at the end (sorry). The readings are generally the same, but the Q&A sessions vary and are fun to watch, in my opinion. Each appearance is about an hour.

If you watch all of them, you’ll notice that there are parts of my appearances (aside from the readings) that are the same at every stop. That’s because it’s a performance — I have these things planned out so that they are as entertaining as possible, and so I don’t stumble over myself any more than I absolutely have to.

And so, without further ado:

September 3: Seattle (via University Bookstore)

September 4: Mountain View (via Google)

September 9: Iowa City (via Prairie Lights Bookstore)

September 16: Concord (via Amazing Stories)


12 Comments on “For Those Who Missed Me On Tour: Video!”

  1. I watched the Google video twice. Once and then again sharing it with my wife who loves your books. The second time, realizing how enjoyable it is to listen to you speak both on and off topic it made me wonder: Have you ever thought of doing a podcast interview like @nerdist?

  2. Dear John,

    Yay, the beard and mustache are back!

    I much prefer the mirror-universe you.

    You need to be wearing more leather, though.

    (For those unfamiliar with the mirror universe, it’s the same one where Will Wheaton is clean shaven and never, EVER snarky.)

    pax \ Ctein
    [ Please excuse any word-salad. MacSpeech in training! ]
    — Ctein’s Online Gallery 
    — Digital Restorations 

  3. Out of curiosity, how much time (if any) do you usually spend “developing” the planned parts of your appearances? Is it a fresh start per-tour or do you often just iterate on previous tour content? (No judgment, just wondering!)

  4. Thanks for posting, John. I grew up in Iowa City and would’ve loved to attend at Prairie Lights if it hadn’t been mid-week. That bookstore contributed greatly to my love of books in general – and sci-fi in particular – and it was very fun to watch the video of you there!

  5. As a native NCer who has a very close friend who is a Texas native, the barbecue rivalry is real. We’ve come to a sort of detente by breaking down what “barbecue” is regionally, and admitting that each region isn’t doing the same thing so it’s apples and oranges. AND ORANGES ARE BETTER YOU TEXAS REDNECK BASTARD.

    *Ahem* Sorry.

  6. Erik, BBQ isn’t just rivalry, it’s a *religion*, complete with sects and schisms and big gatherings where people come to partake in their faith. Here in KC, members belong to the Tomato Base on Varied Meats sect, and there are regular religious events. The next one is being put on by the American Royal. I am told there may be a rodeo going on as well.

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