Sunset, 9/26/14

Normally I try to avoid vapor trails in my sunset pictures, but I think they make this one work.

13 Comments on “Sunset, 9/26/14”

  1. It’s lovely!
    Not least because it means this week is almost over. (Freshmen orientation – I’m getting too old for this!)

  2. Gorgeous. Is that typical, or are you getting more overhead air traffic because of everyone routing around Chicago today?

  3. White vinegar? God I hope that’s a joke.

    Anyway the vapor trails are beautiful but I understand they contribute to global warming although there is great uncertainty over the amount.

  4. Maybe some artist with aviation connections and a lot of time on her hands called the gang together and suggested leaving contrails in a compositionally intriguing pattern in your sky, just to mess with your head.


  5. Beautiful work, as always, Mr. S. I don’t usually get to take sunset pictures, except in the summer (as I live in Alaska, and work night shift, the sun is usually setting right around the time I get off work, which is nice). But, I took note of your post some while back about the tools you use to make these incredibly awesome photos, and since it’s getting to the time in my state where I’ll be getting up just as the sun is rising, I think I’ll take your knowledge and tools and adapt them to sunrise photos.

    Because, you know….why not?

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