Daily Archives: September 28, 2014

How My Online Stuff Gets Seen in 2014

GUY: I WILL NOT DATE YOU IF YOU ARE A FEMINISTWoman: Great! Thank you.GUY: YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REACT THAT WAYWoman: Oh, but I AM. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) September 25, 2014 About a month ago I talked about how my social media footprint has been changing here in 2014, as Twitter has become […]

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Daughter and Homecoming Date, 2014

And yes, she really did take a pineapple to Homecoming this year. Why? Mostly because she thought it would be funny to do so. My kid is so much my kid that it’s ridiculous sometimes. I love her to bits. Also, the pineapple went over very well, with people wanting pictures with it and taking it out […]

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