Sunrise, 9/28/14

Roughly once a year I manage to rouse myself at an early enough moment to go out and get a picture of the sunrise. This is this year’s picture. Enjoy.

11 Comments on “Sunrise, 9/28/14”

  1. Lovely. I’m up for sunrise 4 days of the week. I should take some pictures. But alas, Akron is not as nice as a setting as you have.

  2. Good shot. I see only one or two sunrises a year as well, And they’re always so beautiful I think “Why don’t I do this more often?” And the next morning I think “Oh. Right…”

  3. My personal preference is to only ever experience sunrise from the other side as it were. Sadly full-time work tends to not to mesh well with those kind of shenanigans.

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