Blurb Requests for 2014 and Convention GoH Invites for 2015: Full Up

A quick note for people wanting to request book blurbs from me, or to invite me to be a GoH for a convention in 2015:

I unfortunately have no more time to read for blurbing through the end of the year (on account of a book to finish plus many other commitments). Also, my 2015 convention calendar is full up and I can’t accept any more GoH invites for next year. Thank you for thinking of me, however.

Also, with regard to blurbs, this is a good time to remind people of my blurb policy, specifically the part where it says that I will turn down direct blurb requests from authors. They must be routed through an editor, publicist or publisher. I’m totally serious about this, folks.


8 Comments on “Blurb Requests for 2014 and Convention GoH Invites for 2015: Full Up”

  1. This just made me think someone needs to open a new marketing line of authors blurbing other author’s convention appearances.

    “New York Comic Con presents Patrick Rothfuss! ‘The most epic beard I’ve ever known’ -John Scalzi”

  2. Do you have a compilation of your blurbs like you do for The Name of My Next Band? I searched Whatever and came up dry.

  3. I would really really really hate to be so successful and in demand I had to *schedule* my reading. (I know you said for blurbing purposes, but still)

  4. One of the best blurbs I know was attributed to Groucho Marx:

    “From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend on reading it.”