My New York Comic Con/Super Week Schedule

Because I will be in NYC next week! To do things! And stuff!

Tuesday, October 7, 8pm at The Bell House, Brooklyn:

Shipwreck: “Good theatre for bad literature? Marital aid for book nerds? A literary erotic fanfiction competition for the ages? Shipwreck is all of these things. Six Great Writers will destroy one Great Book, one Great (Watchmen) Character at a time, in service of the transcendent and the profane (and also laughs). Marvel as beloved characters are plucked from their worlds and made to do stuff they were never meant to do in places they were never meant to see.”

The authors participating are Naomi Novik, Kevin Avery, Sarah Maclean Kate Leth, Jeffrey Cranor and me, and all of our pieces will be read by Welcome to Night Vale’s Cecil Baldwin. This is a ticketed event, and will be hilarious, so, you know. Get tickets.


Thursday, October 9, 4pm, Tor Booth, NYCC (#2333):

Signing: I’ll be signing books and helping to give out ARCs of Lock In.


Friday, October 10, 1PM, Room 1A21, NYCC: 

Geek Geek Revolution: a no-holds-barred geek culture game show featuring six science fiction/fantasy authors competing for the chance to be TOP GEEK, makes its second appearance at NYCC. Featuring John Scalzi, Rachel Caine, Patrick Rothfuss and others.


Friday, October 10, 2pm, Booth #114, NYCC:

Midnight Rises: Meet me and artist Mike Choi as the two of us show off Midnight Rises, our graphic novel that serves as a prequel to the upcoming video game Midnight Star.


Friday, October 10, 3:15pm, Table 19, NYCC:

Signing: I’ll be signing more books!


Friday, October 10, 8pm, Barnes & Noble Union Square:

Science Fiction vs. Fantasy Family Feud: I play host as science fiction authors compete against fantasy authors, Family Feud style. Yes, that’s me, the genre’s Richard Dawson. With Amber Benson, Peter Brett, Pierce Brown, Richard Kadrey, Caitlin Kittredge, and C.L. Wilson.

See you there!


13 Comments on “My New York Comic Con/Super Week Schedule”

  1. Still kicking myself for not getting tickets to NYCC and/or SDCC… Had a blast at both last year even though I’ve still yet to meet you :) *mumbles something about buying a house instead*

  2. Wish I could be in NY to see you again (saw you in Brookline) but it’s just not possible at this time. Hopefully will see you next time in the Boston area!

  3. Bemoaning that I won’t be making it to NY for, ooooh, about another 10 months… :(

  4. I want to lodge an objection. I know you do a lot of your artistic output with words, but it is also Dave Gibbons’ WATCHMEN just as much it is Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, and the original work reflects a deft use of comics as a unique medium of words and pictures together.

    (I’m also aware that you didn’t design the poster, but this bugs me a lot and is a chronic problem with the application of auteur theory to comic books).

  5. Have fun in NYC! Just make sure you’re back in Ohio (Cincinnati, to be exact) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the 11th for Books by the Banks! :-)

  6. really hope i DONT see this guy, after reading his older blogs. especialy the one about creeps on some silly geek convention.

    he tells an audiance of feminists, that feel homely in their victim role about living in some obscure 20s male dominated crule world, to rebuke some socialy akward geeks, because they might have looked at them in a “weird” way from accross the room.

    get your peper spray out gals, until this neckbeard comes for your rescue(i will call you that since you call socialy akward geeks creeps), because the world is full of psychos, creeps, stalkers and rapists.

    i wonder why you want to create this image of a world full of dangerous and creepy people. does it make your blog more popular, does it give clicks? do you want to impress girls by acting soft while telling them what a bad place the world is and that they are the poor victims?

    you definitly dont create a better world, or even a better time at any convention with these role images of creeps and victims.

    sorry for the bad english, its not my native language, but i wont correct it either since i really dont care what attention whore bloggers, that tell victim role readers what they want to hear, think about me.

    just remember the world is a better place than you make it out to be, and most people and especialy geeks can be really nice persons. so stop beeing a victim. stop telling victims what they want to hear and start seeing the world as it is.

    written by someone that belives in equality and was raised as a feminist

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