Hello, Friday. Have Some Mary Lambert

I think this song is pretty neat. Enjoy.

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  1. wendybarronwrites – Vancouver, BC – I'm a voracious reader, creative writer, and freelance editor with a highly developed sense of relaxation. My favourite thing is when someone else does the cooking and cleaning.

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    Great song, infectious beat and chorus, and terrific video. I will no longer say “so what?” as just two syllables.

  2. millerhappy aboutlife – I enjoy writing and have written one book so far as well as songs and poetry. There is a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment that I get from writing. I welcome you to my blog and web site.
    millerhappy aboutlife

    Hi John love the blog.

  3. I’ve been hearing this on the radio and hadn’t actually listened to the words other than the chorus before now. Way cool.

  4. E.D. Walker – California – E.D. Walker (a.k.a. Beth Matthews) is a Southern California girl, born and raised. She’s a total geek, a movie buff, and a mediocre swing dancer. She lives in sunny SoCal with her husband and two of the neediest housecats on the planet.

    Great song! I love her voice but I’d only ever heard “She Keeps Me Warm” before.

  5. janeydoe57 – USA – If you've read any of my posts you know I'm a snarky bitch who whines a LOT. I occasionally toss in some other stuff but yeah, mostly whining. Besides, if I write about me I won't be anonymous any more. Deal with it.

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you Wendy for reblogging it so I could find it! I’d never heard of Mary Lambert but I love her already!

  6. One of my daughter’s favorites. Glad this song is getting a lot of play.

  7. I love this song…I hear the edited version on the local radio station while I’m at work at least twice a day. And I always sing along, and have to catch myself and make sure I sing the edited version!

  8. Kate George – Vermont – Award winning author, Kate George is the creator of the popular Bree MacGowan mystery series, which started when she took up a dare to write a book; the result was Moonlighting in Vermont. She was born in Sacramento, California, was raised on a ranch until the age of eight, and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in anthropology. She is currently working on her MFA. She has been, in no particular order, a paste-up tech, a motorcycle safety instructor, an actor, and the assistant to the dean of a medical school, all of which provide plenty of fodder for her novels. Currently, she lives in an old farmhouse in the backwoods of Vermont with her husband, four kids, and two rescue dogs, where by day she teaches and by night, she dreams up wild adventures for her characters. Visit her at kategeorge.com, or contact her at kate@kategeorge.com. She always loves to hear from readers!
    Kate George

    Thank you. I’m stealing it.

  9. cogpunksteamscribe – Queensland, Australia – I am a writer of both creative non-fiction and Fantasy/Science Fiction. This blog was originally created to help keep me motivated and on track with writing and editing my Steampunk novel. These days, it has grown to be a little more than that. It is more about the writing, and the alternative subculture, and my general day to day experiences as I try to upgrade to being a full time writer. As well, it is a way to support my writing community, which has been so kind to me. Currently, I write a monthly Science Page for Voyager Online for HarperCollins Publishing Australia, and I have short stories published in anthologies. I am part of a local writing group, and I have also volunteered for writing-related community events, like writing conferences and the Aurealis Awards. I am passionate bout writing, and writer under the name Lynne Lumsden Green.

    Awesome to the infinite degree.

  10. Eh, I was iffy on this song before I saw the video. It’s badly over-produced, and the lyric is trite, but made reasonably effective by the sardonic delivery.

    The video makes me like it a lot less. I get that the director is going for a juxtaposition of the bright colors and big smiles with the “downer” lyrics, but to me the effect is of a singer who has no idea what she’s singing. (Also, it may be that my browser is not syncing audio and video properly, but it looks like a bad job lip syncing here.)

  11. @docrocketscience, the juxtaposition really works for me. The first time I saw a video for this song, it used the “writing in a notebook” fad style, which I highly disliked. Besides the juxtaposition you noted, there are other dissonances that really make me like the video. She’s a beautiful girl, but she “can’t” be because she’s overweight and knows it. And if you know she’s a lesbian, the bright red lipstick and her obvious femininity create more cognitive dissonance. Messing with those stereotypes really resonates with the message in the lyrics for me.

  12. I. Freaking. Love. This. Song.

    The lyrics aren’t ‘downer.’ They’re a shout of defiance. All the things she lists are things that society gives her shit for, but she’s refusing to be ashamed of them. I wish I were that brave.

  13. Oh, thank you for finding this song! I heard it on the radio ONCE and hadn’t found it again to look it up. Love the video.

  14. Heard this in the wild over the weekend, and one of the hooks immediately reminded me of Merrill Bainbridge. That’s a good thing. Hadn’t listened to the lyrics yet.

    She’s a keeper!

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