Hello, Friday. Have Some Mary Lambert

I think this song is pretty neat. Enjoy.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Eh, I was iffy on this song before I saw the video. It’s badly over-produced, and the lyric is trite, but made reasonably effective by the sardonic delivery.

The video makes me like it a lot less. I get that the director is going for a juxtaposition of the bright colors and big smiles with the “downer” lyrics, but to me the effect is of a singer who has no idea what she’s singing. (Also, it may be that my browser is not syncing audio and video properly, but it looks like a bad job lip syncing here.)

@docrocketscience, the juxtaposition really works for me. The first time I saw a video for this song, it used the “writing in a notebook” fad style, which I highly disliked. Besides the juxtaposition you noted, there are other dissonances that really make me like the video. She’s a beautiful girl, but she “can’t” be because she’s overweight and knows it. And if you know she’s a lesbian, the bright red lipstick and her obvious femininity create more cognitive dissonance. Messing with those stereotypes really resonates with the message in the lyrics for me.

I. Freaking. Love. This. Song.

The lyrics aren’t ‘downer.’ They’re a shout of defiance. All the things she lists are things that society gives her shit for, but she’s refusing to be ashamed of them. I wish I were that brave.

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