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  1. People sometimes say they want a button that, when you press it, the person on the other side of the computer gets punched by a boxing glove that springs out of their monitor. But what I want is the ability to give someone a couple of graham crackers and a sippy cup of apple juice, and then they have to lie down with their eyes closed for twenty minutes even if they don’t feel tired.

  2. Hmmm…

    Boredom? Check.

    Low blood sugar? Check.

    Low-grade irritation at the universe? Check.

    Fortunately, some folks posted Fleetwood Mac’s tour opener and return of Christine McVie. So Armageddon is postponed.


    There. Now I feel much better…

  4. I cannot speak for others, but I can tell you from personal experience that low blood sugar doesn’t make _me_ cranky and ready to pick fights. (HIGH blood sugar, OTOH…)

    When I hit a sugar low, say < 70 mg/dL, I get scared, confused, shaky, uncoordinated. I get tunnel vision and blackouts, headaches, sweats, dizziness, nausea, and and overall sense of everything going wrong quickly.

    Not much of a joking matter, here.

  5. Scalzi, I love that the person reasonably responding to you is Tiffany Reisz – author of a good BDSM erotica series, The Original Sinners (THE SIREN, THE ANGEL, THE PRINCE, THE MISTRESS, etc.). (Unlike that other BDSM erotica series that far too many people have read….)

    Having recently finished reading her contemporary romantic comedy take on MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, MISBEHAVING, I’m really impressed with her as a writer – and think that anybody who’s interested in That Other Series should read her, instead.

  6. You wouldn’t have had that problem if you’d been doing the right thing back at your old stomping-grounds this weekend. Saint Nectarios’ Church, out on Covina Bvd. in Charter Oak, held its annual Greek Festival. I mean… “Greek Food!” says it all.

    Also, folk-dancing, and an absolute gem of a church building. Maybe it was still just a shabby 1-story building “Shrine” in your day, though the “Church Basement Ladies” brought marvelous food from home for the Festival, but now it’s an almost-perfect gem of a small Greek rural church — square/stubby-armed cross with a dome in the center — and less-than-perfect only in that there are still quite a few square yards of interior walls not yet covered with icon-like painted murals, so it’s still incomplete. (Mind you, I still have a slight Problem — every year I Resolve to brush up on my Greek alphabet, especially the quirky characters/fonts used by iconographers, and I seem never to get around to it. The food, on the other hand… hey, if I manage to attend all three days (as I did this year) I can sample everything, )

  7. To play John in the Snickers commercial, pre-snack, I’d like to see them drop in the Tasmanian Devil, a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit? With TMOLC.

  8. 1st time posting.
    Just a technical note.
    My Chrome extension Ad Blocker Plus was blocking the body of this entry.
    This is the only time this has ever happened.

  9. I believe everyone should get one chip per year good for being “That Doof On The Internet.” This is the chip which allows you to pick a fight with a stranger for no particularly good reason (except the belief that you’re right and they’re wrong). Once you use up your chip, you have to be good for the rest of the year.

    Since coming to this belief, I’ve noticed I’m much more careful for about 5/6ths of the year. No matter what I’m looking at, there’s probably a bigger doofus around the corner. Around November, if I’ve managed to be good, the cost-benefit analysis shifts and I get free license to ruin somebody’s holidays.

    (OK, there’s a flawed incentive in the system. I still think it’s a worthy way of thinking both about myself and others… maybe this is just the day that bozo uses his/her chip.)

  10. The term we use for that at home is “hangry.” I’m hangry more often than I should be.

  11. As Oscar Wilde said, “A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally.”. You, sir, are a gentleman.

  12. My guess is that Twitter would not be twitter if there were a five minute rule. For good or ill?

  13. Heard today:

    The one who stirs the shit pot must lick the spoon.

    A rule to live by.

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