Two Views of a Very Temporary Look

Having never done it before, I was curious what I would look like with just a mustache. The answer:

Strangely like John Goodman!

And of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a genuinely terrible picture of myself, so please to enjoy this, which I call “The Worst Police Booking Photo, Ever”:

Aaaaand now I’m gonna shave this mustache off.

Update, 4pm:

Me (to Krissy, on the phone): Do you want me to wait until you get home to shave it off?

Krissy: No. Shave it off now. And when you’re done, post another picture so I know it’s gone.

There, that’s better.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I’m impressed! I concede that I prefer the beard, but the moustache looks a lot better than I would have imagined.

May I enquire how long does it take to grow a moustache of that length?

Yeah, mustaches don’t work on everyone. But if you ever have the urge to try again, go for a more ambitious one. (Handlebar or one like Dali’s maybe.)

Awww! I liked it! I have a fondness for moustaches, and thought it made you look erudite and distinguished. However, Krissy is right in that it doesnt entirely suit you–you are a very GOOFY man, and that moustache completely belies that aspect of your personality. So yeah, clean shaven is the way to go for you.

Still, though, I liked it!

Hmm. I’m seeing “RAF Pilot c. 1956.” Bally tenpenny ones popping in over the briny. That kind of thing. I’d say it’s a straight mix between distinguished and barking mad.

You do realize that when someone shaves off a moustache, beard, etc., that the item in question goes to Hirsute Heaven? When you die and go to Heaven yourself, you’ll be reunited with all your body hair.

This is part of my theory that lost body parts go to their own particular Heavens. If you go to a bar in Eyeball Heaven, you’ll hear long-running arguments over who had the best pirate.

And, sorry, but the second photo doesn’t even come close to Worst Booking Photo Ever. Our county sheriff’s department posts booking photos on its website(part of Joe Arpaio’s “Jail! Now With Gratuitous Public Humiliation!” program); it’s… pretty rugged.

I had one friend who I had never seen without a beard. His wife hadn’t either and finally persuaded him to shave. His seven year old saw it and cried. His wife said start growing it back, Very bad undershot chin. Some beards are good. Mustaches not so much.

My husband shaved off his mustache after 40 years and I LOVE the nice smooth feeling and the look. I think you look wonderful without facial hair, I recommend staying clean shaven!

Maybe you took the selfie – but that’s Athena looking out of that final photo! I’ve seen you both in her face before, but this particular shot startled me – in an nice way :)

Oh man, another week or two and you would have had the perfect opportunity for an awesome halloween costume. It’s not often that someone has a face full of facial hair that they’re totally willing to whack off in intermediate steps.

When I met my wife, I had a mustache. Some years later, I shaved it off, and she was very upset that I had not consulted her. She came home to a clean-shaven man. I had no idea that it meant that much to her. Since then, I’ve warned her that facial hair may come and go depending on my mood or the weather.

Now, when my spousal unit saw a picture of me without my facial hair, I was informed that I was to never ever shave it off ever again. Not that there’s anything weird going on under there, but I do look very different. Too different, apparently.

I’m a nurse in my county’s jail health department. Our inmate’s mug shots are attached to their charts, so I see lots of them every day. Your picture doesn’t even come close. The scary ones are when they’re smiling big, like it’s senior portrait day or something, showing off their meth teeth (don’t do meth, if for no other reason than to save your teeth).

I agree with Krissy, not that I would dare to disagree with her! But for real, she’s so, so right here. Glad you got rid of the unsightly thing.

Please note, mustache fans and wearers, that one that covers your lips means that lipreaders aren’t going to be able to understand what you’re saying. I only lipread a little, but I depend on it enough that I can’t understand someone whose face I can’t see unless they’re VERY LOUD. If you have a mouth-covering mustache, I probably won’t talk to you for very long, and I may not even be aware of the reason; all I’ll know is that talking to you is a frustrating experience.

Actually, mustachioed-you looks (to me) sort of like someone preparing to play Uncle Teddy in a dinner theater revival of Arsenic and Old Lace . . . all you need is the pince nez!

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