View From the Hotel Window, 10/6/14

New York! The Big Apple! The City of Sin! And so on and so forth. I have made it here (in several senses of the term), so I guess I can make it anywhere. So that’s settled. And the hotel room I’m in is very nice, too; it even has a kitchenette with a fridge and a working stove. I may have to bake something. I suspect it is bigger than some of my friends’ apartments. I don’t think I will tell them that.

I’m in town for New York Comic Con and for Super Week, starting with the Shipwreck event this evening and continuing on through Friday. My schedule is here. Some of these events are at NYCC, but some are not, so you’ll have a chance to see me even if you don’t head over to Javits. So I hope to see you!

6 Comments on “View From the Hotel Window, 10/6/14”

  1. Not arriving in New York until Thursday and my city-dwelling brother got our con tickets for Sunday. One day I will have the Scalzi entertain me in person and sign my things, but apparently not this time.

  2. 1. Have finished Old Man’s War and started on Ghost Brigade. This will be my second time reading them. It will take time as time is limited. Going thru the whole series. Really enjoyed the first read. Planning on buying the new book but awaiting the next book, follow up to Human Division.

    2. If you are in NYC, go see Circus Vargas, they are in town. You will enjoy it. Friend of mine is with the circus. Name is Steve, one of the clowns on the circus. Tell him Ramon from S Texas told you about him. They are two of the funniest clowns today (his partner is named Ryan). If you are afraid of clowns….well, they do have some pretty girls in the circus. :) Ask Steve to tell you about his arch nemesis named Claire. :)

    Have fun!

  3. If you are where I think you are, then there’s a “Halal Guys” food cart out on one of the corners nearby. Some of the better gyros I’ve ever had, and the chicken & rice is great. Just be careful of the hot sauce – it should be classified as a chemical weapon ;)

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