I’m in Cincinnati on Saturday for Books by the Banks

Also known as the Cincinnati USA Book Festival. I’ll be there from 1pm through 4pm, with an author spotlight session at 2pm in rooms 207/208. I’ll read, answer questions, and juggle flaming sticks. Please note that the “juggle flaming sticks” portion will be contingent on fire code, availability of flammable materials, and me learning how to juggle expertly between now and Saturday. But the reading and answering questions parts are solid.

Books by the Banks is free and open to the public — that means you! — and aside from me there will be over 130 other authors, local, national and international, participating. Come on down and see us. It’ll be fun.

15 Comments on “I’m in Cincinnati on Saturday for Books by the Banks”

  1. Hoping to see you there, John — though I am currently working on stamping out a head cold, and won’t come if I suspect any remnants may be lurking in my system.

    In any event, have a great day at the fair, sir.

  2. I am so envious! My wonderful county ended its book festival with last year’s triumphant run because the event directors were tired. I hoped some one would step up… It looks like that might have to be me and my rag-tag band of plucky readers.

  3. I think kittens are so soft and pretty! I could pet them all day and listen to their delicious purrs!


  4. I’m guessing (because of the above comment) that the level of stupid was sufficient that you are keeping comments off on the above 2 posts. Sad that people feel the need to be shitcanoes.

  5. John,

    I have seen some of the original articles about female gamers/developers and how they get treated. Horrific!

    There are sick people out there, and the anonymous nature of the innertubes appears to bring out the worst in people who never learned better.

    I learned at the age of – I dunno – 8 or 10 that girls were people too, and sometimes more fragile than fragile and sensitive boys. So I try hard to treat women like I would want to be treated. These flaming glass-bowls deserve what they are going to get, a life alone, with no wonderful women by their side. No one by their side, really.

    Hate isn’t good for you, at all.

    JR, in WVa, glad to have the women in my life that I do have, friends, neighbors, wife… etc.

  6. [Poor little Benevolent Sexist is still soooooooooo mad he’s been told to fuck off that he’s still trying to talk, oblivious to the fact that no one will confuse his sad little poopings with actual comments from me. All of which confirms what we knew about BS in any event: he’s a pathetic little troll frustrated that he’s not allowed to just spew his ignorant stupidity anywhere he wants. Poor, poor widdle BS — JS]

  7. At first I felt “shitcanoe” should be a water vessel, but after the last couple days I’m leaning towards the “that which spews shite in geologic quantities”.

    I guess someone who proudly sports a douchetastic handle like BS above should be expected to spew stupidity. Maybe it’s the spelling: “shitcano” is maybe more clearly a geologic depravity than “shitcanoe”.

  8. It’s such fun. BS came in here with his…BS, trying to sound like a rational person with a scientific argument. When people pointed out that the article didn’t support the claims he was making, he sputtered, then reverted to type, and is now confirming everything we believed about people on that side of the argument, including some rather silly stereotypes.

    Way to make your sided look ridiculous, BS. Thanks for doing our work for us. You wear a trilby?

  9. I’m sticking with ‘douchecanoe’, sing. and ‘shitcanoes’, pl. I like the image of a volcano spewing poo.

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