A Momentary Pause to Appreciate the Beauties of Autumn

Yup. I like where I live. Hope you’re enjoying your day too, wherever you might be.

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  1. vinceco252:

    I have a poppy lawn! There is a little bit of processing, mostly done to bring out the definition of the clouds. The poppy lawn is a bit of a side effect.

    Dave Crisp:

    They’re known as fire bushes.

  2. Autumn would be more enjoyable if I didn’t have the looming polar vortex and the increase in electricity rates to look forward to.

  3. There we go. We now have good john posting today. He is even flying the American flag and pumpkins.

  4. Lovely composition!

    (Yeah, I like where I live, too, especially the part where today is in the mid-60s.)

  5. Gorgeous :). And I do like the idea that you can keep fit by walking around your garden a couple of times a day…

  6. Looks lovely. We had fire bushes when I was a kid. My own yard has mostly yellow maples–the ones that quickly turn brown & drop off. The neighbors all seem to have the glorious reds. I envy them.

  7. Pretty. But my plants are colored all year long, so I just can’t get excited by temporary leaf color followed by dead bare cold winter.. I love living in the tropics. And I’ll be dead long before the rising waterline reaches my street…

  8. The clouds look like the aftermath of the storm that’s about to hit us here in NYC for Weds night into Thurs.

  9. It’s so beautiful! I absolutely love days when the sky is partially covered with cloud and the sunlight looks both dimmer and whiter (I don’t know if that makes any sense to you).

    Can I ask a question that may be slightly off-topic? I was under the impression that the word “Fall” is usually preferred over “Autumn” in American English. Is it universal or is there a regional variation in the preference?

  10. I can’t speak for Scalzi’s dialect (California/Midwest), but in my (Midwestern, Chicago area) dialect “Autumn” is somewhat more formal, and definitely more poetic, than “Fall”. “Fall” is the more common usage, but in a statement about its beauty I can see myself using “Autumn”. In a statement about raking up the wet leaves from the neighbor’s maple tree AGAIN, it’d be “Fall”. Autumn is a lovely, invigorating season. Fall is a bit of a pain.

  11. I wish autumn looked like this everywhere in the world. Either that, or I lived where you do. *sits and waits and dreams about such amazing autumns*

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