A Momentary Pause to Appreciate the Beauties of Autumn

Yup. I like where I live. Hope you’re enjoying your day too, wherever you might be.

21 Comments on “A Momentary Pause to Appreciate the Beauties of Autumn”

  1. vinceco252:

    I have a poppy lawn! There is a little bit of processing, mostly done to bring out the definition of the clouds. The poppy lawn is a bit of a side effect.

    Dave Crisp:

    They’re known as fire bushes.

  2. Autumn would be more enjoyable if I didn’t have the looming polar vortex and the increase in electricity rates to look forward to.

  3. Lovely composition!

    (Yeah, I like where I live, too, especially the part where today is in the mid-60s.)

  4. What’s that blue thing in the background? All I have is unrelenting gray interrupted by really gray with brief periods of not rain.

  5. Gorgeous :). And I do like the idea that you can keep fit by walking around your garden a couple of times a day…

  6. Looks lovely. We had fire bushes when I was a kid. My own yard has mostly yellow maples–the ones that quickly turn brown & drop off. The neighbors all seem to have the glorious reds. I envy them.

  7. Pretty. But my plants are colored all year long, so I just can’t get excited by temporary leaf color followed by dead bare cold winter.. I love living in the tropics. And I’ll be dead long before the rising waterline reaches my street…

  8. It’s so beautiful! I absolutely love days when the sky is partially covered with cloud and the sunlight looks both dimmer and whiter (I don’t know if that makes any sense to you).

    Can I ask a question that may be slightly off-topic? I was under the impression that the word “Fall” is usually preferred over “Autumn” in American English. Is it universal or is there a regional variation in the preference?

  9. I can’t speak for Scalzi’s dialect (California/Midwest), but in my (Midwestern, Chicago area) dialect “Autumn” is somewhat more formal, and definitely more poetic, than “Fall”. “Fall” is the more common usage, but in a statement about its beauty I can see myself using “Autumn”. In a statement about raking up the wet leaves from the neighbor’s maple tree AGAIN, it’d be “Fall”. Autumn is a lovely, invigorating season. Fall is a bit of a pain.

  10. I wish autumn looked like this everywhere in the world. Either that, or I lived where you do. *sits and waits and dreams about such amazing autumns*

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