Hey, Did I Mention I’m Gonna Take the Weekend Off?

No? Well, look, I just did.

See you Monday!

9 Comments on “Hey, Did I Mention I’m Gonna Take the Weekend Off?”

  1. Bahahah, time for horrible MRA troll comments! Here’s mine: I love kittens. They’re so cute and cuddly! Also, baby bats are adorable. Did you see this one? http://youtu.be/T84jdO8YrYA

    Isn’t Li’l Drac just totes adorbs! I just SQUEEE aloud when I see something so KYOOOT.

  2. But who will speak to the spiritual outrage our nation endures as our streets are filled with Spice Pumpkin Rioters?!

    (srsly, though, you getting pumped up for NaNoWriMo?)

  3. When your in Chicago on tuesday will you be signing multiple books for peoole. I have two plus the one I ordered from Seminary CoOp bookstore. Just wanted to make sure. First time getting out to a signing and didn’t know the particulars.