I’m Travelling to Chicago Today, So Please Enjoy This Fan Art of The Last Colony

It’s the scene with John Perry and General Gau, I expect. It’s by DeviantArt user “Sharksden,” whose art (including this) you can find here.

And that’s it from me here today, because as noted I am traveling to Chicago, where I will be doing my very last official Lock In tour stop, at the Seminary Co-op in Hyde Park, Chicago — literally just a couple hundred feet from my old dorm at the University of Chicago (which is no longer there — replaced by the business school. It’s a trade up, I think). If you’re in the area, I’ll be doing my thing at 6pm. Come on by and let’s close out this tour in style. Here are all the details.

13 Comments on “I’m Travelling to Chicago Today, So Please Enjoy This Fan Art of The Last Colony”

  1. First thought: General Who?

    Second thought: YESSS!! It’s been long enough since I’ve read through the OMW series that I’ve forgotten some details. Time to read again!

  2. Since that seems to depict a *successful* Conclave attack, perhaps it’s actually the destruction of the colony from the beginning of the novel?

  3. Is it bad that I don’t remember anyone wearing a cowboy hat? I am either senile (which I think I might be) or a really bad fan.

  4. @Guess: I don’t think the piece is intended to be literal. If you think of John Perry as “the sherriff ’round these parts”, does that help?

  5. Greg

    It’s late over here on the other side of the Pond, and I should be asleep, since I have a busy day ahead of me.

    But I would like to hear more about the tidal forces on that planet; if you could spare the time to enlighten me I’d be grateful. With any luck I’ll be back on line tomorrow sometime…

  6. You are, besides everything else, a font of comment hooks. There were six or eight times during your Chicago appearance this evening I wanted to comment. (Politeness mostly restrained me.)
    Your virtual-reality/telepresence chapter made me wonder if you knew that we just had someone attend Worldcon via telepresence.

  7. [Deleted because it was a private message sent to me via comment. Got it, looked at the article, etc. Also, you know there is such a thing as email, yes? It’s john@scalzi.com – JS]