French Cover of The Human Division

Pretty cool looking, I have to say. It’s a wrap-around; the front cover is on the right side of the image. A larger version is here.

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  1. It’s a nice picture, though the fellow on the left will never be able to gaze across the brilliant vastness of space because it’ll be wrapped around and hidden on the back side of the book. Sad!

    The foibles of language… the English title can be interpreted at least three different ways, but the French title allows only one.

  2. That is a great piece of art. To my mind, it might be the clearest visual description of one of the overall themes .

  3. It’s always a pleasure seeing a Sci-Fi cover which actually attempts to protray the events and/or themes of the book. This one actually does a really nice job of it at that!

  4. 1) Nice cover.
    2) Commenters seem to be having trouble grokking that the smallish text in the middle of the image goes on the spine, and a bit on each end goes inside the cover. 0_o


  5. As said above, I don’t think l’humanité divisée is a good translation, as it narrows down the original meaning too much. I would personally have gone for the much more direct: la division humaine.

  6. I also agree. Yet it seems to be a last-minute (thus considered ?) decision : the book was indeed announced as Division humaine.

  7. I haven’t read the book (and know little about it actually), but maybe they choose Humanité divisée because they thought Division humaine was maybe not catchy enough and possibly confusing at a certain level ? Well, I’m pretty sure someone from L’atalante can give an answer about the title choice. I like their cover in general.

  8. Yup, ‘Humanity Divided’ is not the right title, because it takes reading the book and thinking about the title to arrive at the conclusion that you had originally mis-interpreted the title!

    The French have no dam’ sense of fun.

  9. Shouldn’t the younger version be on the right and the older on the left? Otherwise sweet cover.

  10. I have to say this is one of my least favorite covers of your books, mostly because there are spaceships springing forth from the mens’ foreheads.

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