Have a Happy Halloween or Athena Will Be Very Disappointed With You

And I don’t think you want to make her angry, do you?

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  1. I made home-fermented sauerkraut for dinner. Scary enough for you?

    Also, the local baseball team won some games the last week, and held a victory parade in the rain, and I didn’t have to go into the City for the day.

  2. We stout hearted Britishers find US Halloween a bit unadventurous: our Halloween is merely the run up to Bonfire Night, where we celebrate and/or mourn Guido Fawke’ failed attempt to blow up Parliament.

    Lovely costumes for your wife and daughter, though…

  3. Stevie, I think here you mean “English,” not British. I know a number of Scots who are incensed by the English scoffing at Halloween as “American” and by England assuming their customs/tastes are Britain’s by default.

  4. Privateiron

    I do apologise; I should, of course, have noted that the Parliament in question housed James I of England, James the VI of Scotland, Lord of Ireland, who had recently become enamoured of his Divine Right to do pretty much whatever he wanted, particularly when it came to making money.

    Oddly enough, those people left destitute, at best, and dead, at worst, by his rapacity were spread throughout the British Isles; James was a equal opportunity predator.

    However, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that the English don’t celebrate Halloween; we do. We also celebrate Hogmanay, and this year I shall be doing so on a paddle steamer on the Nile, which, with any luck, should provide an ample supply of tall dark persons with lumps of coal…

  5. Stevie: no worries. As Americans we are guilty of cultural telescopy all the time, lumping everyone in Britain or Europe for that matter into one perception. I was surprised how many Scots feel the English do the same to them. The late great Jackie Leven used to chortle about how his English friends were always shocked he did not know about this English king or that bit of English history, didn’t he learn about them in school? And his reply (paraphrased) I went to school in Scotland, why would I know about King Bartlewulf the Cowabungust? (I am aware that the Stuarts don’t fall into this category, though I don’t know whether or not the Scots celebrate Guy Fawke’s Day as much as the English.)

    Regardless, the guises have all been put away until the eldritch Masking of the Turkeys, a holiday we don’t discuss much with foreigners as it has to do with sacred texts found near Arkham, Massachusetts.

  6. .
    Awesome portrait! Shivers in my spine good, her expression and the photo would be great w/o the horns. The horns are over the top goodness for All Hallows Eve!

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