Hey, Remember When I Wrote I Won an Erotic Fan Fiction Contest Based on the Watchman Graphic Novel?

Well, the folks at Shipwreck (the group that puts these writing contests together) have posted my winning entry. It’s here.

Warning: It’s very much NSFW, will probably be a little kinky/disturbing for those of you who aren’t kinky/fans of erotic fanfic, and if you haven’t read Watchmen (which you should, it’s terrific), or at least watched the movie (less good, but okay, whatever), you will miss most of the references and clever bits and it probably won’t be as funny as it would be if you knew the work it was riffing off of.

Got it? Okay, go have fun with it, then.

10 Comments on “Hey, Remember When I Wrote I Won an Erotic Fan Fiction Contest Based on the Watchman Graphic Novel?”

  1. kirizar – Michigan – I am all things to all people. As long as people are looking for a mom with diverse interests and a homebound tendency to look through the window of life and wish (or imagine) something just a little bit different. I am like the Tardis on Doctor Who. I am much bigger on the inside.

    The phrase “moist, willing tangy orifice” is now suction-cupped to the portion of my brain that involves the visual cortex. I’m not sure how to detach it…without inadvertently self-lobotomizing. Very evocative…sadly, I have never seen the show in question, so no doubt I have lost out somewhat on the nuances. All those “moist, willing, tangy nuances.”

  2. It’s fun. A think my expectations in the kinky/disturbing ordinate may have been inappropriately high, but otherwise, fun.

  3. Best line: ‘And I’ll look up at him and beg “Be gentle!” and he’ll look down and whisper, “no.”’

  4. O.M.G. John, that was so funny. Since I spend a lot of time on a fanfiction site, let me tell you that you NAILED the oeuvre of really bad erotica. If you posted that on the site under the appropriate movie/graphic novel area, I bet you would get fav’ed and followed to the max!

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