What November Looks Like From Here

So far, so good. We’ll see how goes from here.

19 Comments on “What November Looks Like From Here”

  1. What the… ? I’m an hour or so south of the Scalzi compound and have not seen the sun all day. The day that started with flurries, mind you.

  2. That’s a lovely display of ostentatious consumption, and I admit that planting most of that area to vegetables would involve a great deal of physical labor, but I’d be tempted so set out a hundred or so black walnut seedlings. Pruning the lower side-branches for a few years shouldn’t be too much trouble, and after that your great-grandchildren could cut them down and sell the lumber for a small fortune. (Unless Climate Change or other human intervention totally destroys our society, of course.) Mind you, I fully understand that, having grown up here in Southern California, you might find the idea of vast stretches of green landscape without any sprinker-heads Totally Awe-Inspiring, but I think trees are inherently more interesting than grasses.


  3. I was just going to post the same thing, Dave!

    Incidentially, it’s 39 degrees and kind of wintry here in upstate New York.

  4. It dumped rain all last night and we had sporadic showers today. Considering I live in Northern California, the weather couldn’t have been better.

  5. If I had such a lawn, it would be dotted with agility equipment, and the dog would be on an A-frame or coming out of a tunnel :)

    Seriously, it’s a really pretty picture.

  6. Frost on the roof here in Detroit this morning. We’re stalling a bit to see if it warms up above 40F before we start yard work.

  7. At first, I thought that was a cow in the foreground. Then I realized it was just a giant dog.