What November Looks Like From Here

So far, so good. We’ll see how goes from here.

19 Comments on “What November Looks Like From Here”

  1. What the… ? I’m an hour or so south of the Scalzi compound and have not seen the sun all day. The day that started with flurries, mind you.

  2. That’s a lovely display of ostentatious consumption, and I admit that planting most of that area to vegetables would involve a great deal of physical labor, but I’d be tempted so set out a hundred or so black walnut seedlings. Pruning the lower side-branches for a few years shouldn’t be too much trouble, and after that your great-grandchildren could cut them down and sell the lumber for a small fortune. (Unless Climate Change or other human intervention totally destroys our society, of course.) Mind you, I fully understand that, having grown up here in Southern California, you might find the idea of vast stretches of green landscape without any sprinker-heads Totally Awe-Inspiring, but I think trees are inherently more interesting than grasses.


  3. Donna Leonard – Southern California – I like to write, read, knit, crochet, watch movies, watch way too much television, listen to music and play Drawsomething 2 somewhat obsessively, not necessarily in that order. You can find my irregular blog at: http://manicmeanderings.blogspot.com/ 3 kids: Twenty-three-year-old boy/girl twins, and a thirteen-year-old girl. 3 cats: fourteen-year-old female, three-year-old female, and a two-year-old male
    Donna Leonard

    This reminds me of shots from that show “Pushing Daisies,” which is a good thing.

  4. It dumped rain all last night and we had sporadic showers today. Considering I live in Northern California, the weather couldn’t have been better.

  5. If I had such a lawn, it would be dotted with agility equipment, and the dog would be on an A-frame or coming out of a tunnel :)

    Seriously, it’s a really pretty picture.

  6. Tony! – United States – Humanist, Atheist, Feminist, Freethinker, Rationalist, Lover of Comic Books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Ah, I hear that’s what LV-426 looked like before the Xenomorphs arrived.

  7. Ross Hershberger – Approximately Detroit – I've been an electronics tech since trade school in the 1970s. I've worked as a mainframe programmer, tooling machinist, restorer of vintage tube amps, custodial equipment technician and several other unlikely jobs. Since 2012 I've worked as a YAG Laser Field Service Engineer for the North American division of TRUMPF GmbH.
    Ross Hershberger

    Frost on the roof here in Detroit this morning. We’re stalling a bit to see if it warms up above 40F before we start yard work.

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