Sunset, November 2, 2014

First post-daylight savings time. And at 5:30ish. Pretty. But booooooo.

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  1. Love all the pictures you’ve posted recently. Thank you.

    You live in a beautiful area.

  2. Speaking of time, I found out today that I no longer have any devices that cannot update their own time when it changes. My phone, computer, DVR, and now my new-ish nightstand alarm clock too, which I think uses radio signals to keep current. The last old legacy item was my wristwatch, which I no longer wear.

  3. The computer that’s most annoying to reset is the three-pound wetware one I carry around with me. There are a few other clocks in my house and car that also didn’t figure it out for themselves (and one that I didn’t expect to, and reset before bed, which I now have to re-reset :-)

    I’d much rather have noon be when the sun’s up at the top, like it’s supposed to be, and if I want to get up earlier so I get stuff done before it gets dark, I can do that without the government telling me that we’re all going to *pretend* that we’re not getting up earlier by setting the clocks wrong.

    Back when I lived in New Jersey, a lot of local businesses and churches would keep different hours for the summer anyway – we were near the beach, and you wanted to be off the highways as early as possible on Fridays and weekends to avoid traffic, plus some of the people wanted to go to the beach themselves. It made DST seem extra-silly.

  4. You’re a SF writer! Just build a time machine. You should have no problem finding instructions on the Internet. See you yesterday!

  5. There are very few things to recommend living in Florida but one of them was that as you get closer to the equator sunrise & set does not change as much as it does further North. Now, living in Minnesota it will soon be dark by 4:30 PM while fireworks have to wait until after 10 on the 4th of July. Unless you are a modern hermit, glued to TV, computer and electric lights living this far North gives ample reason for the change even if I do not appreciate its more immediate impact on my person.

  6. John,

    Man oh man, it sure is flat up there where you live! The glaciers just ironed all the character out of the earth’s crust over and over up there.

    Don’t you live just to the right of Dayton? I went to the Dayton airport once to pick my brother up for a family thing west of Columbus. Driving past on the Interstate the downtown looked impressive, a big museum or something like that just over on the left. Might do a short trip up there some day.

    But the sunsets and sunrises are pretty, even without the character that hills and valleys give to the world we see.

    As a born Mountaineer from southern West Virginia, I have cousins in Columbus, Ohio, and friends around Athens. But even for the winter camp in Arizona, we had to have some hills and mountians all around us. Where we live now in Lincoln county, it is steep and narrow hollers, winding terrain, but not very tall. The vertical relief is only 500-700 feet mostly.

    I’ll link to some hilly pictures for you some day.

    JR in WV

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