From last night.

(for those of you seeing this tag run off the screen, it says: #teamshesthedaughterwealwayswantedtheonewhogoestobedwhenshestold)

We’re like this in real life, too. Minus the hashtags.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

34 replies on “#TeamFatherDaughterTwitterExchanges”

My daughter won’t tell me her Twitter account, probably to avoid situations like what was witnessed above. (She’s 14, so that would surely trip the “embarrassing me in public” meter.) On the bright side, her Twitter account is invite-only, so not just any wierdo was follow her, and she lets me respond to her texts like I’m Director Couslon talking to a field agent.

I got a good laugh at this last night. Then I showed it to my wife, who also laughed. We also wondered if your house (and possibly the entire county) is powered by the movement of your wife rolling her eyes at you two.

Also, I really hope I can have conversations like this with my daughters when they get older.

Mine created us a power-point presentation at 13 to show us how turning off the internet at 10pm would create the Antichrist…and make her hate us. It was awesomely hysterical.

I’m firmly of the opinion that orange juice should be chewy. My middle child is not. When we run out of pulp free before we run out of extra pulp (which is often, she drinks lots of orange juice) she gets out the tea strainer and strains the pulp out of the extra pulp juice.

Orange juice should have pulp, peanut butter should not… unless you are making peanut butter cookies, then you need Super Chunky (All Natural) peanut butter or to mash up your own peanuts.

Peanut butter is srs biznus, especially when baking.

Remember frozen orange juice concentrate? You mixed it with water to make “orange juice,” back in the day (at least in Michigan; probably in California you just go pick your morning oranges in the backyard). Well, sometimes it was a bit hard to get the orange concentrate to come out of the can; in our house the solution was to take a knife (not a sharp one) and run it around the can, dislodging the orange juice.

One time I did that, then thoughtlessly made a peanut butter sandwich with the same knife. It was delicious! I remember deliberately making a peanut butter and orange concentrate sandwich, but alas after lo these many years that doesn’t prove it actually happened.

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